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Recognize any
of these problems?

We've lived them too...

Can't find a doctor

You don't have a family doctor or you're travelling and don't know where to find one.

Using Google as a doctor

Nobody likes searching the internet for their symptoms, to end up finding no reliable answer.

Wasting hours in the ER

Your case in non-urgent, yet you have no choice but to go waste your time at the ER.

Asking for days-off

You often miss a day of work for minor health issues that could be solved in a 20 minutes doctor visit.

Can't afford a device

You need to check your vital signs regularly, but can't afford to buy a medical device.

Sad face

Isn't there a simpler way

In a world of iPhones, Uber, and AirBnb, you are wondering why healthcare isn't more accessible.

Solve all these problems at once!

Square Circle Pod

Your wish granted

How it works in 4 simple steps

If need be, a doctor isn't far away

Step 3
See a doctor

The completed form is signed and instantly redirected to the proper insurance company. Your patient needs a copy? Simply forward it to their Square Circle Forms account!

Explain your problem

Step 1
Enter your symptoms

The insurer sends the digital form directly into the physician's Form Inbox. The patient brought a paper form? The physician simply finds and fills the corresponding electronic version.

drugs available on prescription

Step 4
Collect your medication

In order to consult the completed form, the insurer must send a payment which will be automatically deposited in the doctor’s bank account. No more headaches!

Get a full check-up

Step 2
Take your vital signs


The Physician quickly completes the form electronically. Doing a follow up? Easily import data from the last forms and modify only the symptoms that changed since the last visit.

Receive your form
Complete your form
Receive yourmoney

As simple as that!

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Our features

How it works
Easily obtain their approval

Patient's consent

We offer pre-prepared consent forms for vaccination and other forms to follow-up with patient symptoms and complications. Patient data can then also anonymously be used in research analysis.

Standardized and complete

Data entry

COVAQ's interface is specially made for health professionals. They can enter the patient's data, vaccine dosage information and the quantity, as well as have a global view of the vaccination workflow.

Dont't leave your patients to themselves


COVAQ allows you to see a list of all your patients, the date of their vaccination, the employees who vaccinated them, the patients' symptoms, and more. Our solution simplifies the process and helps you be more focused on your tasks.

Get notified if things go wrong

Automated alerts

If your patient has severe side effects, you will be automatically notified and will be able to take the best course of action. We wish to reduce your legal risk and improve your patients' satisfaction.

Where can you use it?

Any vaccination clinic


Increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and work-life balance while reducing disability claims and absenteeism.


Attract more clients by offering them free check-ups, up-to-date advice and telemedicine services.

Retirement homes

Welcome more residents with better care, regular health check-ups, and a physician available when they need it.


Give outstanding customer service to your clients when they feel unwell – and you'll have made a friend, for a long time.

We want to help you

COVAQ can be deployed to your specific situation.

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  • Configurable
  • Simple
  • Made for vaccination
  • Etc.

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Aiming every form in Quebec
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Our pricing

Affordable and flexible


Vaccination consent form
SMS follow-up forms
Alert to his vaccinator if experiences complications of vaccination

Vaccinator Basic

<100 vaccinations / day
$2.99 USD / vaccination
Unlimited patients
Overview of vaccination workflow
Data entry of vaccination
Alerts of complicated patients

Vaccinator Deluxe

> 100 vaccinations / day
$1.99 USD / vaccination
Unlimited patients
Overview of vaccination workflow
Data entry of vaccination
Alerts of complicated patients
Assistance with installation

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